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Miracle of Nature from Valuable Bird’s Nest Extract

        Bird’s nest is one of the widely used health foods because it exhibits a lot of extraordinarily beneficial effects to human beings.    In Chinese societies throughout the world,   Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is commonly used to treat diseases and enhance health. Bird’s nest is the chief of ingredients and believed to have health enhancing effects such as anti-aging, growth promoting and immunoenhancing properties.
         The major composition of bird’s nest isGlycoprotein.      Glycoproein is a biomolecule composed of a protein and carbohydrate. Glycoproteins are important for immune cell recognition escpecially in humans. They are found in antibodies, in connective tissue, and in mucins. Also there are amino acids and mineral salts which are also important components.      They could facilitate normal body functions and poss immunoenhancing effect by aiding cell division.
         Reference on scientific research was published by Kong et all, Bird’s nest contains mainlyEpidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which are important for cellular processes to improve,    regenerate and repair cell division in aging resistance.It has excellent effects on firmingskin cell structure, lightening fine line, wrinkle and age spot for exceptionally smooth and luminous skin.Nowaday, there is a trend of using bird’s nest extract in beauty use gradually as the latest innovation because It can be served current demand and be the absolute answer for all beauty skin issues.


15 g.

Bird’s Nest Absolute Anti-Aging Cream
             Monalis Bird’s Nest Absolute Anti-Aging Cream The prominent   cream   combining the latest innovation  from Bird’s Nest Extract  and Aquatic  Alage acts deeply  in  the skin’s surface and boost cellular renewal. It will penetrate to skin  cell  sturcture  to  be more  firmer and ligthen  lines & wrinkle effectively.   The skin  will  be more luminous.   The density and elasticity are more visible imporvement as the absolute replenishment.
FDA Thailand Reg. No. 10-1-5523237

15 g.

Bird’s Nest Perfect Brilliance Eye Booster
             As the new innovation in skincare beauty, the unique bird’s nest extract accelerates cell regeneration around eye and diminish apprearance of fine line & wrinkles. Lift eye lids and reduce puffiness.    Improve radiance   and firmness   to complete the visible rejuvenation.
FDA Thailand Reg. No. 10-1-5523148

15 ml.

Bird’s Nest Ultimate Whitening Serum
            The valuable serum with latest innovation of Bird’s Nest extract and Super Anti-Oxiant is formulated to boost brightening,       lightening  skin   and  reduce  dark spots. Stimulates cell renewal and increase elasticity. Nourish and make skin look brightening internally to outside.
FDA Thailand Reg. No. 10-1-5523057

15 g.

Bird’s Nest High Resoulation Make up Sunscreen SPF60 PA+++
             The make up sunscreen with Bird’s nest extract is the latest innovation.    This cream visibly smoothes and be fine texture. Protect the skin face from UVA/UVB and PA+++ 60 times.   Refine the skin texture,     Reduce significant deep wrinkle, Increase skin density,    Protect againt premature aging and Enhance luminosity.
FDA Thailand Reg. No.10-1-5524206

30 g.

Bird’s Nest Super Sun Protection SPF100PA+++
             Super   SunProtection  is  the  latest  innovation  in skincare with bird’s nest extract. The cream visibly smoothes and be fine texture.     Protect the skin from  UVA/UVB and PA+++ 100 times  for a  day  with   waterproof  formulation effectively. Diminish apprearance of fine line & wrinkles and Infinite beauty and keeps skin youthful.
FDA Thailand Reg. No.10-1-5524693

30 g.

Bird’s Nest Miracle Mask
             With new innovation combined with lastest technology - Multisal Mutilayer with Non-Comedogenic formula. It will control and subsequently releaseessential ingredients to a skin cell effectively when you are sleeping overnight. Make your face softer, brighter and healthier. Also reduce wrinkle, anti-aging and increase collagen.Just only one night,you can strongly feel as miracle Direction: Apply onto face overnight without cleaning. Use 2-3 times per week
FDA Thailand Reg. No.10-1-5536011

80 g.

Monalis Bird’s Nest Purifying Foam
             The Purifying Facial Foam is the latest innovation of Bird’s Nest Extract in non-ionic formular and pH-Balance. Deeply and gently clean without creating skin irritation. Make skin’s face cleaner, softener, smoother & fresher. Nourish with valuable nutrients to keep the skin moist and Look more youthful.
FDA Thailand Reg. No. 10-1-5524987

80 g.

Bird's Nest Glycerine Soap
             Bird’s Nest - Gold pure soap is the latest innovation for beauty skin. Act deeply cleansing in skin’s face. Nourish skin with valuable nutrients from bird’s nest and pure gold. Improve elasticity and look more youthful. Be sensitive for all skin types
FDA Thailand Reg. No. 10-1-5528442

5 pcs.

Anti-Aging Cream     5    g
Eye Booster                5    g
Whitening Serum      5     ml
Sun Protection          5    g
Bird's Nest Glycerine Soap         80   g



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